Remote Filming & Directing

CameraCrew directors have experience of remote filming and we together keep improving production logistics to solve pandemic time challenges


LOGISTICS: Director works with local production service company and filming happens at their home destination; agency and client based in their home city (-es).

EXAMPLE: director based in Los Angeles is filming in Los Angeles with local production service company; Chinese production company, agency and client are supervise the project online from Shanghai.

Our directors and reliable production service companies are based in these locations:

  • USA: New York City, Los Angeles and Detroit
  • Canada: Toronto
  • Germany: Berlin, Munich and all over the country
  • UK: London
  • Spain: Madrid and Barcelona
  • Italy: Milano and all over the country
  • France: Paris
  • Ukraine: Kyiv and all over the country
  • Turkey: Istanbul
  • Russia: Moscow
  • Brazil: São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro
  • Argentina: Buenos Aires
  • Mexico: all over the country


LOGISTICS: Director works for a home, a crew works on set.

EXAMPLE: director based in Los Angeles, and shooting happens in Shanghai.


LOGISTICS: Director, DoP, agency, client and other stakeholders are staying home during entire production

Director: Adi Halfin – Asaf Avidan “Earth Odyssey” Music Video
All project was produced remotely: casting, filming, editing
Director: Calum Macdiarmid – Lockdown Cooking
Filmed at the director’s home by himself and featuring his family
Director: Ilya Cherepitsa – “Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite Promo”
Filmed at the director’s home by himself & on one remote location
Director: Lua Voigt – Come Home Safe “Donate”
Filmed at the DOPs home by themselves & on one remote locations worldwide


Detailed logistics & explanations are here: Latest campaign produced remotely below:

Director / DOP: Dima Bondarenko