Paris & Lille based director Bastien Roger basically discovered his love for motion pictures with computer graphics films in 2000.

He realized that producing moving imagery gave him the opportunity to breathe life into his dreams.

But full CG animation films was a little too sanitized for him and he quickly decided to start filming real people, in real life, and start to directing commercials in Paris in 2005.

His skills in making lifestyle, fashion and beauty advertising films are the result of his passion for filming, editing and composing. Films enables him to propose his glance on people, things, details, or atmospheres that originally only exist in his mind. Bastien has a unique way of bringing a graphical, photographical approach and film together.

Bastien’s goal is to captivate his audience through immersive poetic and sensible human experiences by offering the viewer to experience the brand values, translated in lights, motions, composition, rythm, acting and music.