Kanyessa McMahon


If you wander around the parks on the Lower East Side of Manhattan on a nice Saturday you’ll probably catch an ear-full from a short, exotic looking, loudmouth outfielder – meet Kanyessa McMahon, Lower East Side softball legend and multimedia guru. Born in New York City but cultivated in London and Los Angeles, her habitat consists of the land below 13th street and rarely will she venture into foreign territory Uptown (unless it is for work!) or on the subway. Her specialties include video/photo production, content development and creative direction. Don’t let her cute face fool you though, McMahon has smarts and isn’t afraid to use them. Her bachelor’s of arts in Photography from Pratt Institute and two graduate degrees from New School in Media Studies and Media Management make McMahon a triple threat in the ever-changing world of mass media.

When McMahon isn’t busy building her multimedia empire she’s basking in the companionship of her husband Liam, their wonderful dog Jasper Pirate Delancey McMahon and even more spectacular son Daschel Tennessee Sharkey McMahon.