Tomas Leach


Tomas Leach studied in the UK before working at Fabrica, Benetton’s creative institute in Italy.

His short documentary films have played at festivals worldwide, sold to multiple TV channels and been Vimeo staff picks. He directs commercial work  for clients such as Adidas, IBM, Ikea, NASA and more.

His first feature length documentary ‘In No Great Hurry’ about legendary New York photographer Saul Leiter was released in cinemas in 2014 to critical acclaim. It made several ‘best of’ lists for the year. 

In 2017 his second feature film, The Lure – a gorgeously photographed documentary about Forrest Fenn’s legendary hidden treasure in the Rocky Mountains, opened in cinemas. The film was Executive Produced by Academy Award winner Errol Morris and produced by Moxie Pictures.

Also in 2017, Tomas directed “Through the Darkness” for the Religion of Sports series It tells the story of the San Quentin prison baseball team. Following three convicted felons struggling to overcome their darkest moments, the film tells the inspiring story of the healing power of sports in the search for hope and redemption.

He currently lives in Los Angeles and is prepping his first narrative feature film.